Mar 022018

Bin collections update

Issued Friday 2 March at 16:20:

The catch-up of missed waste & recycling collections will start tomorrow (Saturday 3 March), assuming that road conditions have improved.

Tomorrow crews will start to collect grey bins/blacks sacks/ food waste and recycling that have been missed this week – starting with Wednesday’s outstanding collections and then Thursday’s and Friday’s.

On Monday scheduled grey bin/black sack/food and recycling collections are due to take place.

Food waste missed on recycling day this week will be collected next week as scheduled with grey bin/black sacks.

To enable our crews to focus on missed collections and scheduled grey bin/black sack/food and recycling collections, we are suspending all garden waste collections on Monday and Tuesday. Food waste collections that are collected by the same truck as garden waste are also suspended on Monday and Tuesday. We may have to suspend the collection of garden waste beyond Tuesday for the remainder of the week dependent on the success of the catch-up.

Please note also that crews will not be returning for any garden waste collections that have been missed this week. We aim to collect these on your next scheduled garden waste collection date.

We appreciate this isn’t a straightforward plan, and, to ensure we don’t miss you, it makes sense for you to leave out all missed containers from this week together with next week’s scheduled containers (apart from garden waste).

Thank you!

Thank you for subscribing to the District Council’s bin collection updates – and for being the top recyclers in Derbyshire!

 March 2, 2018

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