May 182020

During the current pandemic Hathersage Parish Council decided to take advantage of the Government’s scheme to furlough the pool staff. As such the Swimming Pool website is not being updated but there is still progress to report with the refurbishment works. The primary contractor has been able to do limited work within the restrictions and now sub-contractors are starting to return, again within the restrictions. You will see from the photos here that the pool has been relined, new lane markings added and the rubber crumb is being laid. What you can’t see is the magnificent new pumping and filtration plant that is also fully installed. In the coming days the refilling of the pool will begin and the commissioning of the new equipment soon after.

While no one yet knows when swimming pools and leisure centres will be able to reopen and under what restrictions, the Parish Council is considering some options that may or may not be used to assist in this. It was thought better to have had some thought about these things rather than none and to just sit and wait.

Swim England are actively canvassing the Government over the benefits of swimming and how this type of exercise, especially when outside, can be beneficial to people with many and varied ailments but especially in these difficult times. We hope that this pressure continues to ensure the success of swimming pools of all sorts around the country and the underlying cost savings and benefits to health are acknowledged.

Be assured that the intention is that Hathersage Swimming Pool will reopen as soon as possible along the guidelines that are published at that time. All the staff are eager, while patient, to return at the appropriate time and welcome you back to this magnificent facility.

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