Jun 112018

Derbyshire County Council (DCC) have this morning published a proposed TRO for Hathersage in areas of the village that are seen to experience problems with parking and/or congestion. The proposal is at the initial consultation phase where comments can be submitted before the proposal is finalised and ready for implementation. This consultation phase is open until 16th July 2018. Should you wish to make comment you should address these to DCC at ETC.TrafficManagement@derbyshire.gov.uk.

The documents below detailing the proposal can be downloaded for reading or printing.

2018 06 06 TRO Prohibition and Restriction of Waiting

Order 2018 – proposal C_ consultation initial

Hathersage Parking plan 6-6-18 sh 1of 2

Hathersage Parking plan 6-6-18 sh2 of 2

 June 11, 2018
Jun 112018

It has been brought to the attention of the Parish Council that some gardens along the main roads in the village while looking very colourful and in full bloom are overhanging garden walls. This causes problems where footpaths are already quite narrow and where bushes are involved, makes the footpath even narrower. Some of the roads are quite busy and if pedestrians have to walk in the road to pass each other or the plants then there is a risk of injury. If you have a garden that may be guilty of this could you have a go with secateurs or pruners to remove any offending branches please? Also while you are there and any weeds are growing could these be pulled out?

 June 11, 2018
Jun 012018

On Saturday 19th May Derbyshire Police received calls from members of the community stating that they had seen a social media post regarding a planned rave going to take place in the Hope Valley area.

Thanks to this call, Safer Neighbourhood Team officers notified land owners of previous rave locations so they could take necessary actions and officers carried routine patrols of the area.

At around 22.30 hours Officers  came across a vehicle and occupants preparing to unload possible sound equipment.

On seeing a police car the occupants of the vehicle got back into the vehicle and drove off and no raves were reported have taken place on this evening or overnight.

Thanks to these calls and the subsequent preventive measures put in place an event was prevented from taking place on this occasion.

Thank you to those persons who phoned it in.

Many Thanks

Anthony Boswell

PCSO 4510

North Division

Bakewell Police Station

Granby Road


DE45 1ES

 June 1, 2018
May 302018

Parking Problems

The Parish Council have been working with Derbyshire County Council (DCC) for many months with regards improving the management of parking at various points in the village including Mill Lane, Moorlands Road, Station Road, Station Approach and Dore Lane.

The Parish Council are at the behest of DCC but understand from contact with them in the last couple of weeks that the proposal, will be going to preliminary consultation within the next few weeks.

Bus Shelter

The planning of the development that became the Heart of Hathersage included a bus shelter to replace the one that was incorporated in the public conveniences. The Parish Council have had discussions with a contractor authorised by DCC for highways work. Once some items on the work required have been clarified by DCC we hope to receive quotes for the work to be carried out.

While not having a bus shelter is not quite so inconvenient at this time of year the Parish Council are hoping that the new shelter will be installed before the on-set of next winter. The Parish Council apologise for the delays.

 May 30, 2018