Jul 092018

Several emails have been received in recent days regarding parking problems in Hathersage.

The Parish Council Clerk has this morning been

in touch with Derbyshire County Council to request that their Civil Enforcement Officers (Parking wardens of old) visit the village more often to check on illegal and inconsiderate parking. The Police also have greater powers where certain road markings are in place. As the Clerk only works part-time can you be urged to contact contact.centre@derbyshire.gov.uk and/or the police on 101 as it could be a few days before the Clerk is on-line and able to do so. The Parish Council themselves have no powers in this area only working with the police, DCC and DDDC in traffic management.

Further to this the Parish Council is looking at finding temporary parking facilities to attempt to address the problem in the short term.

 July 9, 2018
Jun 202018

Derbyshire County Council Libraries are holding a public question and answer event on Saturday 21 July where audience members will get the opportunity to quiz our Council Leader Councillor Barry Lewis about the proposals for libraries.

The free event at Chesterfield Library will be ticket-only and people can apply for two tickets each.

 There will be a presentation followed by a question and answer session. If you would like to submit your questions in advance please email them to: libraryquestions@derbyshire.gov.uk

 You’ll also be able to submit questions on the day and if there isn’t enough time to answer all of them, written responses will be posted after the event on www.derbyshire.gov.uk/librariesforderbyshire

 The event runs from 2pm-3.30pm and tickets will be assigned on a first-come, first served basis.

 June 20, 2018
Jun 182018

Over Monday and Tuesday evenings last week (w/b 11/06/18), unknown persons have pulled out plants and flowers from the planters belonging to Hathersage Bowls Club and thrown them on the wall or roof of the bowls pavilion. If anyone has witnessed this behaviour or do witness anymore Anti Social Behaviour taking place in the park or the Bowling Green area. Can they please report this via 101 giving names/addresses of the persons responsible so they can be spoken to, if possible.  

Anthony Boswell

PCSO 4510

North Division

Bakewell Police Station

Granby Road


DE45 1ES

 June 18, 2018