Nov 222018

Derbyshire County Council Highways are nearing the point where the TRO that was the subject of an initial public consultation earlier this year will be published again as an amended proposal for public consultation as is required. The full proposed plans can be downloaded below but the formal public consultation will be in the New Year.

There is about to start a targeted consultation to the businesses and residents on Heather Lane to allow everyone on here to comment on the part of the proposal that will directly affect them. The closing date for comments to be returned to DCC will be 12th December.


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 November 22, 2018
Nov 212018

This evening (21/11/18) Thornbridge Hall hosted the inaugural Peak District National Park’s Planning Awards. The awards featured 4 categories – Conservation, Residential, Non-Residential and Landscape. The Heart of Hathersage was judged the winner in the Landscape category.

 November 21, 2018
Oct 102018

I have this morning received an email from Ruth George MP following her attendance at the Public Meeting in Hathersage and meeting yesterday with RBS. The email can be found here. I have copied the email to the Parish Councils in the area that I copied previously and also blind copied those people who attended the public meeting and left us their email addresses.

Since my original post I have received two further letters –

from Andrew McCloy Chair of PDNPA (download PDNPA McCloy letter – RBS)

from the Executive Office of Ross McEwan, CEO RBS (download LetterFromRBS-111018)

Thank you for your support.

 October 10, 2018
Oct 032018

A public meeting was held in Hathersage Memorial Hall on Thursday 27th September that was attended by Ruth George MP for High Peak and Sir Patrick McLoughlin MP for Derbyshire Dales. The meeting had been publicised up and down the Hope Valley and many of the Parish Councils were represented at the meeting along with residents from various villages. As a result of this meeting the Clerk for Hathersage Parish Council was asked to write to the Chairman of RBS and copy the letter to both MPs. The letter can be downloaded here. Ruth George MP is meeting with the Chair of RBS at the Houses of Parliament later this month to discuss his companies proposals and the impact that it is going to have on an area like Derbyshire.

If you feel any way strongly about the impact that RBS’ proposals will have on you please write to your MP and/or the Chair of RBS.

At the Peak Park Parishes Forum in Bakewell last Saturday (29th September) this issue was discussed further and it was noted that if this proposal goes ahead as published, the Peak District National Park, the second most visited National Park in the world and an area of 555 sq miles will have only ONE bank within its boundary to service the residents and many thousands of visitors.

Please do read the letter above to understand some of the issues that are being raised.

 October 3, 2018