Jul 092018

Several emails have been received in recent days regarding parking problems in Hathersage.

The Parish Council Clerk has this morning been

in touch with Derbyshire County Council to request that their Civil Enforcement Officers (Parking wardens of old) visit the village more often to check on illegal and inconsiderate parking. The Police also have greater powers where certain road markings are in place. As the Clerk only works part-time can you be urged to contact contact.centre@derbyshire.gov.uk and/or the police on 101 as it could be a few days before the Clerk is on-line and able to do so. The Parish Council themselves have no powers in this area only working with the police, DCC and DDDC in traffic management.

Further to this the Parish Council is looking at finding temporary parking facilities to attempt to address the problem in the short term.

 July 9, 2018

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