Policies & ToR


On this page you will find the policies that have been created or adopted and approved by Hathersage Parish Council. By clicking on the document name you can download a policy for reading. Any documents shown as draft are yet to be approved by Hathersage Parish Council.

001-2017 HPC Outdoor Event Policy-Approved-V02

003-2019 Financial Regulations-Approved-V02

004-2018 Website Business Listing Policy-Approved-V01

005-2018-GENERAL PRIVACY NOTICE-Approved-V02

006-2018-PRIVACY NOTICE-Approved-V01

007-2016-Memorial Bench Policy-Approved-V01


009-2018 -Burial-Ground-Rules-Jun2018-V03-Approved

010-2018 -Burial-Ground-Rules-AshesSection-Jun2018-V02 – Approved

011-2018-Proposed use of Heart of Hathersage kitchenette and outdoor space – to be completed


013-2019 -Code of Conduct Approved V02

014-2019-HPC STANDING ORDERS -V05-Approved

Committee Terms of Reference (ToR)

HPC 2019 Recreation Committee TOR -V01-Reviewed