The Council has Fourteen Councillors with no vacancies:

  • Bridget Hanley
  • Bill Hanley
  • Kirsty Kirkham
  • Peter Mander (Chair)
  • Jane Marsden (Vice Chair)
  • Rosemary Olle
  • Heather Rodgers
  • James Shuttleworth
  • Jennifer Wedgwood
  • Pauline Whitney
  • Stuart Turner
  • Jack Hammerton
  • James Marsden
  • William Eames

The Council’s officers are:

  • Steve Wyatt (Clerk)
  • Chris Cave (Treasurer)
  • Alan Kydd, John Wooddisse (Footpaths officers)

The Councillors and Officers can be contacted through the Clerk at:
Heart of Hathersage,
Main Road,
S32 1BB
or email to
or phone 07432422470.

The Clerk works part-time and generally Monday to Thursday 09:30hrs to 13:30hrs. Emails received outside of these hours will be dealt with on the next working day.

The contact form that was on this page has been temporarily removed. Please use the Clerk’s email address shown above.