The Clerks work part-time across the week. Currently the Assistant Clerk role is vacant; generally the Assistant Clerk works part-time (fewer hours than the Clerk).

The Council has places for up to fourteen Councillors. At May 2024 Council membership is:


  • Alex Campbell
  • Martin Bloor
  • Steve Dempsey
  • Bridget Hanley
  • William (Bill) Hanley
  • Tim Hill
  • Jane Marsden (Chair)
  • James Marsden
  • Rosemary Olle
  • Heather Rodgers (Vice Chair)
  • Peter Rowland
  • James Shuttleworth
  • Nick Williams

The Register of Declared Interests can be found on the Derbyshire Dales District Council website here.

For information on the role of a parish councillor please see the following:

LGA Councillors Guide 2019

At May 2024 the Council’s Officers are:

  • Maura Sorensen (Clerk)
  • Chris Cave (Responsible Finance Officer)
  • Neil Vaughan (Caretaker)
  • Footpaths Officer – Clare Firth

All Officers work part-time.

The Councillors and Officers can be contacted through the Clerk at:
Heart of Hathersage
Main Road
Derbyshire S32 1BB
Email (
Phone 07766 629 419.