Apr 262017


It has now been formally confirmed that Hursts, the contractors on the Heart for Hathersage project have ceased trading. Their affairs are now under the control of the Administrator. Hathersage Parish Council is busy working with our design team and the Administrator to agree the best way to appoint a new contractor.

Unfortunately a delay to the completion of the project is now unavoidable, but we will do our best to keep this delay to a minimum.

As has previously been stated, absolutely no money has exchanged hands and the finances for this project remain fully intact.

This is a temporary setback and the project will be back on course as soon as we are able to appoint a new contractor.

We will keep the public informed by further notices such as this and also on the Parish Council website. In the meantime Hathersage Parish Council is taking steps to ensure the security and safety of the site.

Peter Mander

Chairman Hathersage Parish Council

26th April 2017

 April 26, 2017
Mar 292017

Please note that the official Parish Council Noticeboard, on the wall of the Parish Rooms/Veterinary Practice will be inaccessible during the building works in this area for the Heart 4 Hathersage developments. From Monday 3rd April 2017 for the duration of these works all official Parish Council notices will be posted on the Swimming Pool Noticeboard, at the pool on Oddfellows Road, S32 1DU.

 March 29, 2017
Mar 132017
It has been reported to Hathersage Parish Council that there is an ongoing problem of extremely antisocial and insanitary behaviour – the ongoing dumping of domestic and general waste along the river bank and footpath to the East of St Michael’s Church. This is an eyesore and a health hazard and must be stopped. Local residents are asked to be vigilant and are encouraged to report any specific incidents they may witness to customer.service@peakdistrict.gov.uk


 March 13, 2017
Dec 212016


From 9 January the parish church is now closed for about twenty weeks until May to allow contractors to work on our much needed and long planned for improvements. We apologise for any inconvenience this may bring but do hope you will appreciate the necessity for the work. When completed you will then be able to see and enjoy all the benefits which we believe will enhance the beauty of the building as a wonderful place for worship, for greater community use and in welcoming our many visitors.

What will be happening?  We’re improving the heating, lighting, and some other features so that our beautiful church will be fit for future use by as many people as possible. The heating will be controlled by new gas boilers with the heat emitted from radiators laid in ducts below the floor surface through traditional cast iron grills. The existing nave pews will be re-laid onto new oak flooring that is level with the existing parts of tiled floor. New chairs in the side aisles instead of the small cramped pews will mean those spaces can give greater flexibility of use. A new electrics will be installed to improve our lighting and audio systems. The contractors have a national reputation for working on heritage sites.The church car park is closed to allow for the contractors work base.

Access to the churchyard remains open.

For further information contact Revd Jude Davis (HV 208905, jude.a.davis@cantab.net) or Churchwarden, Bernard Madden (HV 651979

 December 21, 2016